The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on savings account balances is 0.51%. Interest rates are subject to change. This APY is current as of 6/1/2022. No minimum balance is required to obtain the 0.51% APY.

Cash Bonuses:

When you set up a recurring monthly direct automated clearinghouse (ACH) deposit of $1,000 or more to your checking or savings account, each month you can earn the cash bonus shown in the Cash Bonus Table if the balance in your savings account during the month remains at or above the corresponding minimum balance. For example, if you maintain $9,000 in your savings account each day during the statement cycle, you will earn a cash bonus of $3.15. If your balance falls below $9,000, but stays above $7,000 each day during the statement cycle, your cash bonus is $2.45. Spiral will credit all cash bonuses of up to $5.25 per month (up to $63 a year) to your savings account on the first business day of the month.

Minimum Balance During the Statement Cycle
Earned Cash Bonus for the Statement Cycle