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Stearns Bank Selects Spiral to Empower Communities and Nonprofits Through Everyday Banking

By Team Spiral|May 14, 2024
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Dear Spiral Community,

We’re happy to share the news of our partnership with Stearns Bank, a top-performing bank in the nation whose mission is to innovate the banking landscape and transform the way nonprofits bank. This partnership is set to redefine the banking experience for Stearns Bank customers by allowing people and businesses to donate to their favorite charities from their banking accounts and round up everyday purchases to support communities, all while promoting and boosting digital donations to nonprofits.

Benefiting Local Nonprofits Through Everyday Banking  

By offering Everyday Impact™, Stearns Bank is empowering its community to effortlessly round up their purchases to support the causes they care about, directly benefiting local nonprofits and community initiatives, such as planting trees, feeding children, providing children’s books, and giving mental health support.

In addition, Stearns’ new Giving Center allows account holders to give to their preferred charities, organizations, and educational institutions directly from their personal and business online bank accounts. This innovative feature allows for the creation of a personalized portfolio of charitable causes where customers can track their impact and get a donation report for tax purposes. 

"We are thrilled to enhance our customers' digital experiences, providing simple and meaningful ways for them to impact their local communities and transform lives," said Adam Gill, Senior Product & Innovation Manager at Stearns Bank. "With Spiral, we're not just helping our customers make a difference they can feel good about; we're also empowering more local nonprofits to drive digital donations and elevate awareness for their vital missions. This integration also pairs nicely with the launch of our nonprofit campaign, featuring a one thousand dollar donation to nonprofits with active accounts."

Transcending Traditional Banking

By integrating Spiral into its banking ecosystem, Stearns Bank is also driving awareness and digital donations to local nonprofits across Minnesota directly through its customer base, leading positive impact within their local communities.

"We're delighted to partner with Stearns Bank, a leader in community-driven banking and nonprofit banking solutions. Now, through Spiral, they help nonprofits raise more contributions and attract new donors, all while expanding their community involvement to empower customers and businesses to drive positive change through everyday banking," said Shawn Melamed, CEO and Co-founder of Spiral. "We look forward to helping more financial institutions amplify their community impact, boost digital engagement, and increase deposits from socially conscious consumers and businesses."

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Team Spiral
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