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Our mission is to empower millions of people and companies to contribute to a better world.


The next generation of financial services

We want to empower over 10,000 U.S. financial institutions to grow deposits and engagement through community and environmental impact, and help millions of people contribute to a better world.

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Our Values

Here's what makes Spiral so different

  • Be Ethical

    Be Ethical

  • Keep It Simple

    Keep It Simple

  • Have Fun

    Have Fun

  • Innovate Passionately

    Innovate Passionately

  • Stronger Together

    Stronger Together

  • We Care About Helping You

    We Care About Helping You

  • Do Good

    Do Good

We are committed to ethical giving. This means being honest, transparent, and acting with integrity towards our customers, employees, shareholders, and the world.

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How we help financial institutions

We solve the need of banks, credit unions, and financial institutions to embed ESG, environmental and social impact into their core businesses, improve community impact and increase revenue through higher engagement and increased spending.

With Spiral, financial institutions can appeal to younger generations and decrease their customer acquisition costs using cause marketing. With Spiral Giving™, they can also increase customer loyalty, differentiate their brand, grow their ESG score, and offer socially responsible bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards.

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How we help nonprofits

Spiral makes it easy for nonprofits to increase awareness of their mission, grow their supporter base, and turn one-time donors into recurring givers. Nonprofits that partner with Spiral can create engaging donation experiences by sharing content that helps consumers feel connected and inspired, earning their trust and support. This results in 2x more donations and 3x more recurring donations for nonprofits.

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How we help people

Spiral’s platform is designed to make environmental and social impact simple, fun, and accessible to everyone at all income levels. With Spiral’s features and enhanced giving experience, people can feel better every day (Helper’s High) and more empowered and deeply connected to their community.

With Spiral, people can easily support causes they care about using everyday purchases made on their credit or debit cards in order to plant trees, provide meals, clean water, safe shelter, and more. In addition, they can pick verified charities to support, understand where their charitable gifts are going, and get acknowledged for their generosity and love.

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How we help communities

Spiral builds stronger, more diverse communities by strengthening the financial institutions that serve them. With Spiral Giving™, financial institutions can increase their community impact by featuring local charities, sharing updates about their impact, allowing customers to easily give back to local nonprofits, and providing transparency to where impact is being made in their local communities.


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Shape the future of impact with us

Our team and investors have extensive experience building successful FinTech companies and running some of the world’s largest financial institutions, impact and tech companies, including Morgan Stanley, Thomson Reuters, the New York Stock Exchange, Aspiration, Microsoft, Classy, and GrubHub.

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