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Make your credit
union stronger

Spiral is the award-winning Impact-as-a-Service™ platform that helps you grow deposits and engagement through community impact.

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Take your credit union to
the next level

With Spiral, credit unions can thrive profitably by driving engagement and revenue through innovative community impact and sustainability products.

Attract a new
generation of

Attract new members at lower costs using content that Gen-Z and Millennials love and share on social media.

Grow deposits
with impact

Drive engagement and active use by allowing your members to do good with purchases they already make, like planting trees and providing clean water, meals, and safe shelter.

Increase member loyalty

Increase member loyalty and retention as your members easily donate and manage their giving from your product.

Build a stronger
credit union every day

Let your members easily support your credit union with purchases they already make.

Differentiate with purpose

Promote your brand using a digital impact center. Share updates about your credit union' impact, create fundraising campaigns, and offer donation matching for members.

Create a stronger affinity with your served communities

Doing well
by doing good

Are you ready to make an impact?


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