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Webster Five Selects Spiral to Empower Community Impact and Engagement Through Banking

By Team Spiral|June 4, 2024
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Dear Spiral Community,

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Webster Five, a leading Massachusetts-based bank renowned for its community support and personal services. This partnership will enable Webster Five to amplify customer engagement and grow deposits through new digital experiences. Webster Five customers will be able to turn everyday purchases into savings and community impact and donate through the newly established online Giving Center. 

Boosting Savings and Community Impact

By integrating Spiral’s Everyday Impact™, Webster Five’s personal and business banking customers will be empowered to round up their everyday purchases to go toward saving for the future and supporting their favorite charitable causes, directly benefiting their communities and nonprofits. In addition, Webster Five’s new Giving Center will enable customers to easily donate to their preferred charities directly from their online bank accounts. Through this innovative Giving Center, customers can create a tailored portfolio of causes, track their charitable impact, and receive a donation report for tax purposes. 

"We are excited to enrich our customers' digital experiences, offering easy ways for them to save for their future while making a positive impact on their local communities," stated Brian McEvoy, Chief Retail Banking Officer at Webster Five. "With Spiral, we empower local nonprofits to drive more digital donations for their important missions while we are helping our customers with their financial wellness and supporting causes they care about. It’s a big win-win for us."

Empowering Local Nonprofits Through Banking  

By integrating with Spiral, Webster Five will drive awareness and digital donations directly from the bank’s customer base to local nonprofits, attract more nonprofit businesses, and create positive change in their community through fundraising campaigns, donation matching, and community-wide events. 

"Webster Five supports and provides banking services for many charitable organizations. By highlighting nonprofits through everyday banking, they can elevate the efforts of their charitable missions, raise more contributions, and attract new donors," said Shawn Melamed, CEO and Co-founder of Spiral. "We look forward to helping more financial institutions help their account holders reach financial wellness, attract new account holders, and grow deposits from socially conscious consumers and businesses."

Want to Know More? 

To discover how Spiral's platform can help your institution grow deposits and attract new account holders, schedule a demo today.

Team Spiral
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