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How Can You Become an Everyday Hero?

By Team SpiralJuly 13, 2022

Helping others might just be the secret to living a life that is not only happier, but also healthier, wealthier, more productive, and more meaningful. 

There are many ways that you can make a small impact on the world every single day. Volunteering for a cause you care about, recycling, and helping elderly or disabled people with everyday tasks are some great examples. 

It’s scientifically proven that making an impact makes us feel happy and results in a phenomenon known as the “helper’s high”. This is the warm feeling of contentedness that follows an opportunity to lend a hand, donate money, or volunteer in a meaningful way. So, what if it was possible to achieve that sense of well-being on a daily basis? What if it was as simple as swiping your debit card to buy groceries, put gas in your car, or grab coffee with a friend? 

Here at Spiral, we wanted to help people like you make an impact more frequently and in an easier way. That’s what led us to develop Instant Impact, a feature that allows you to easily make an impact and instantly view the impact you made after every purchase. All you have to do is swipe your Spiral Visa ® debit card¹ at any restaurant, coffee shop, gas station, hotel, and more, and we make a donation to plant a tree, provide clean water, feed a child in need, or provide safe shelter to people in poverty. It’s as easy as that. 


We empower people to become everyday heroes by making an impact on communities around the world every time they make a purchase with their debit card. There’s a whole suite of new services designed to help our customers make a social impact every day. 

It’s crazy to think that every single purchase you make can fight climate change, provide clean water, feed a hungry child, and provide safe shelter to people in need. But now it’s possible…with Spiral.


Here’s how to make an instant impact with every purchase:

  • Just swipe your debit card at any restaurant, coffee shop, gas station, hotel, and more, and we’ll automatically make a donation so you can make an instant impact every day
  • With every purchase, you can plant a tree, provide clean water, feed a child in need, and provide safe shelter for people in poverty
  • Track the social impact of your purchases at any given time
  • We’ll also send you a weekly report of your social impact




Category 1. When you use your debit card to pay your electric or gas bill, buy gas from the gas station, or spend on mass transit, we donate to Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees. Planting trees helps to offset the carbon footprint of your purchase and also helps to fight climate change. 

Category 2. When you use your debit card to buy coffee, tea, or juice, we donate to Evidence Action to provide a week of clean water for a person in need. This is life-changing for those who don’t have immediate access to safe, clean drinking water. 

Category 3. When you use your debit card to buy groceries or eat at a restaurant, we donate to the World Food Programme (WFP) to provide meals for children at school who are facing hunger. This incredible organization believes that in a world of plenty, hunger should be a thing of the past. 

Category 4. When you use your debit card to pay for a hotel stay, we donate to GiveDirectly to send funds to people living in poverty. By simply traveling and paying for lodging, you can provide safe shelter to those in need. 

If you’d like further information about how we calculated the donation amounts for each category, click here. 


If you’d like to take your impact even further and support causes and communities you care about, you can easily do so by using our round-up feature.

With every swipe of your Spiral Visa® Debit card, you can round up automatically to the nearest dollar and use that money to support causes and communities you care about. Every cent rounded up makes a difference every single day. Oh…we also match your donations up to $150 a year².


  • Easily search and discover over 1 million charities³ across the U.S.
  • Activate round-up under “Giving” in the app 
  • Choose to give monthly or as a one-time gift – you can switch anytime
  • Always be in control – pause, stop, or change your donation
  • Receive an end-of-year report of all your giving to help you with your tax return




With Spiral, it’s easier than ever to make an impact on both your community and the world. With the Instant Impact feature, you debit card purchases have the ability to change someone’s life. If you want to take your impact even further, and support charities and causes you care about, you can opt to use our round-up feature and donate directly from your giving account. Whether you choose one or both options, you’re well on your way to helping others and creating a life that’s more meaningful. And that’s what being an everyday hero is all about. 


Banking that gives! Spiral combines powerful banking and giving into one.

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