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nbkc Bank Selects Spiral to Launch an Innovative Digital Giving Center

By Team Spiral|September 18, 2023
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Dear Spiral Community,

For those passionate about blending technology with philanthropy, we have some exciting news on the horizon. We are excited to announce that nbkc bank, an acclaimed innovative banking leader known for its exceptional customer experiences, has selected Spiral's platform to launch an innovative Digital Giving Center that allows customers to donate to their favorite charities directly from their personal online banking portal and get an annual donation report for tax purposes. 

Why Is This Significant?

This partnership marks a significant step in elevating customer engagement and fostering positive change by introducing a cutting-edge online giving center. 

By integrating Spiral's capabilities, nbkc bank empowers its customers to effortlessly donate to their preferred charities, organizations, and educational institutions directly from their nbkc personal online bank accounts. This innovative feature allows customers to create a personalized portfolio of causes that closely aligns with their values and conveniently tracks their charitable impact, and get an annual donation report for tax purposes.

Beyond Just Banking

Incorporating Spiral into its banking ecosystem also enables nbkc to create a lasting social impact within local communities and expand its community impact initiatives with local nonprofits through fundraising campaigns, donation matching, and community-wide events.

"We are excited to introduce this innovative customer engagement solution within our personal online banking platform. Intercepting our customers during their banking journey and providing them the opportunity to make a bigger impact on their communities is a win-win," said Melissa Eggleston, Chief Deposit Officer, EVP at nbkc bank. "This solution creates a deeply meaningful and engaging experience for our customers, enabling them to easily contribute to the betterment of our communities all through the convenience of nbkc’s digital banking."

But That’s Not All

Beyond just donations, Spiral's platform is designed to extend the sphere of charitable giving and community impact. Spiral also enables financial Institutions to drive community impact through everyday purchases, round-up card transactions, and tax-deductible donor-advised funds that further enhance the digital banking experience.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with nbkc bank, who are known for their tremendous positive impact and involvement in their community. They are now expanding their mission to empower customers to drive positive change and donate while enjoying the digital banking experience," said Shawn Melamed, CEO and Co-founder of Spiral. "We are excited to help community-oriented financial institutions grow their community impact, drive digital engagement, and attract socially conscious customers — particularly the younger generations who look for easy ways to give back through everyday banking."

Eager to Know More?

To learn more about Spiral's giving center, schedule a demo here.

Team Spiral
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