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Quontic Bank Selects Spiral’s Platform to Amplify Community Impact Nationwide

By Team Spiral|August 1, 2023
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Dear Spiral Community,

We are excited to announce that Quontic Bank has selected Spiral's platform to amplify its community impact nationwide. Quontic will leverage Spiral's platform to streamline donations and launch an innovative digital Community Impact Center that allows customers to view and track its environmental and community impact.

Now, you might wonder, what exactly is this digital Community Impact Center? Well, hold onto your curiosity because it's a game-changer. This innovative online portal will provide Quontic Bank customers with unparalleled transparency into the bank's philanthropic endeavors and their significant contributions to society. With a few clicks, customers can witness the tangible effects of the bank's activities on the communities they serve.

The platform showcases diverse initiatives, such as providing meals for children, offering nights under a safe roof to those in need, and planting trees for a greener planet. This level of visibility empowers customers to connect with the causes they care about deeply. 

But that's not all! The Community Impact Center also reveals the names of the charities involved in each initiative. This transparency fosters a profound sense of trust and engagement, as customers can see where Quontic's contributions are directed. It's an open invitation to actively participate in the bank's mission to drive positive change.

Spiral's comprehensive technology takes care of all the intricacies behind the scenes. From donation processing to ensuring compliance and seamless technical integrations with charities, they streamline the entire process. This ensures that every contribution reaches nonprofits with efficiency and accuracy. 

"We are delighted to embark on this partnership with Spiral," said Robert Russell, President of Quontic Bank. "Spiral's offering aligns perfectly with our value and mission of social good and giving back. Transparency is a key component of our mission, and our new Impact Center will enable us to showcase our community impact efforts and drive positive change on a larger scale by making an impact on our community and nationwide." 

This strategic partnership between Spiral and Quontic Bank marks a significant milestone in the banking sector's journey towards greater social and environmental impact. The Digital Community Impact Center signifies a new era of transparency, purpose-driven action, and community engagement.

"We are delighted to partner with Quontic Bank to amplify their community impact," said Shawn Melamed, CEO and Co-founder at Spiral. "Our technology and vast nonprofit giving network enables banks and credit unions to simplify donation processes and measure and visualize the impact of their actions, empowering them to make more meaningful contributions to their communities and engage customers and businesses through impact."

To learn more about Quontic's Digital Community Impact Center, please click here. If you're eager to join this inspiring journey and interested in adding a digital Community Impact Center for your company, please contact Spiral here.

Team Spiral
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