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Spiral Joins Jack Henry™ Vendor Integration Program (VIP)

By Team Spiral|October 4, 2023
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Dear Spiral Community,

We are excited to announce that Spiral joined the Jack Henry™ Vendor Integration Program (VIP). Participation in the program will provide Spiral with access to Jack Henry’s technical resources to enable our Impact-as-a-Service™ platform to integrate with CIF 20/20®, Core Director®, SilverLake System®, and Symitar®. Jack Henry's VIP (Nasdaq: JKHY) is designed to help ensure that Jack Henry customers can easily deploy third-party products.  

Spiral's solutions integrate with CIF 20/20®, Core Director®, and SilverLake System® via jXchange™, a services-based programming interface that enables third-party vendors and banks to access the platform’s core data and business rules. The integrity of data is maintained throughout any data exchange, because access to business rules and data is managed through a service layer that governs these interactions. 

In addition, Spiral's platform integrates with Symitar® platform via SymXchange™, which performs the same functions to connect third-party vendors with credit unions.

Financial institutions that are customers of Jack Henry will have access to enable Spiral’s innovative products to grow deposits and increase engagement through community and environmental impact. Spiral enables financial institutions to drive community impact through a broad set of charitable giving products, from making donations through everyday purchases and rounding up card transactions to setting up monthly charitable contributions and tax-deductible donor-advised funds. This is a significant step forward for Spiral as we aim to drive social impact and create a better world through innovation. 

Jack Henry™ has a 47-year track record of empowering financial institutions with people-inspired innovation, personal services, and insight-driven solutions that help reduce the barriers to financial health. 

"We are excited to integrate our platform and revolutionize customer experiences for Jack Henry’s customers," said Shawn Melamed, CEO and Co-founder of Spiral. "Our turnkey solutions empower financial institutions to attract deposit growth via community impact, increase digital engagement, and amplify their impact on their local communities through everyday banking," he added.

Spiral will attend the 2023 Jack Henry Connect conference in Indianapolis, IN, October 16-19. To schedule a meeting with Spiral while at the conference, please schedule a demo here.

Team Spiral
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