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Ethical Banking


6 Types of Bank Accounts and Their Features

By LeBach Pham|July 13, 2021

Are Matching Donations Real? How to Maximize Your Charitable Giving

Are matching donations real? What to look out for when giving back. A guide to maximizing your philanthropy. Also, a list of the best charities and nonprofits.

How To Get Tax Breaks For Donations

Some amendments have been made to the tax law in response to the pandemic; how do you get a tax break when you donate to charity in 2020 and 2021. Here is all you...

The Best Charities To Donate To

Why should you support your favorite charity and what are the best charities to donate to? Tips on getting started selecting the organizations you want to support...

4 Reasons Why You May Not Have Received Your Stimulus Check

We’ve compiled 5 possible reasons why you may not have received your stimulus check, along with some helpful tips to ensure that your check makes it into your bank...

How Much Charity Is Tax-Deductible?

Preparing your charitable giving plans? 5 things to remember about tax deductible donations.

Do All Businesses Get Tax Breaks for Donations?

As a business, donating to charity has so many benefits attached to it, which includes tax breaks; here is what you need to know to get tax breaks for your donations...

If I Owe Taxes Will I Get A Stimulus Check?

Worried About Receiving Your Stimulus Check If You Owe Taxes Or Haven’t Filed Yet? Here Is Everything You Need To Know To Receive That Check.

55 Things You Can Claim on Your Tax Return

Around tax season, many Americans start to eat, sleep and dream, or maybe even have nightmares, about their taxes. Here is a list of some common tax deductions and...

The Real Cost of Having a Baby During COVID-19

You always knew babies were expensive, but the actual costs of having a baby during COVID-19 may surprise you. Having a baby during COVID-19 adds even more financial...

11 Things to Know About the Stimulus Check Round 3

Stimulus check round 3 may have come as a surprise to a number of people. Here are 11 things to know about the stimulus check round 3.

When Could Women Have a Bank Account? A Short History of Financial Gender Equality and the Financial Road Ahead

In order to fully understand the significance of women not being allowed to open bank accounts in the U.S. until the 1960s, you will need to understand the history...

4 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Make Your Money Fight For What You Believe In

No matter what causes strike nearest and dearest to you, here are some simple ways you can make your money fight for what you believe in. 


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