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What Is Charity? A Guide To Giving

By Caryl Ramsey|June 28, 2021

Are Matching Donations Real? How to Maximize Your Charitable Giving

Are matching donations real? What to look out for when giving back. A guide to maximizing your philanthropy. Also, a list of the best charities and nonprofits.

World Environment Day: Facts, History, Ways to Celebrate, and More

World Environment Day is a day created by the United Nations that spreads environmental action and awareness. Find out the history, fun facts, and answers to your...

World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day addresses the need for a healthy ocean environment. Organizations around the world are celebrating with events based all over the globe.

The Best Charities To Donate To

Why should you support your favorite charity and what are the best charities to donate to? Tips on getting started selecting the organizations you want to support...

How Much Charity Is Tax-Deductible?

Preparing your charitable giving plans? 5 things to remember about tax deductible donations.

What Is the Importance of Charity?

Charitable giving has been a major topic of discussion during the pandemic. Donating your time and money to causes doesn’t just do good for others, it does good...

What to do with Your Stimulus Check if You Don’t Need It?

What if you don’t need your stimulus check? Or what if you need some support but would like to donate a portion to charitable causes? Where should you donate...

How Donating $5 A Month Can Save 1500 Children Over Your Lifetime

The opportunity for one person to make a small donation can have a huge impact. Spiral enables customers to effortlessly support the causes they care about.

3 Amazing Celebrity-Founded Nonprofits To Donate To

If you’re seeking the best nonprofit to donate to based on a cause you’re passionate about, these 5 celebrity-founded nonprofits will get you started...

4 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Make Your Money Fight For What You Believe In

No matter what causes strike nearest and dearest to you, here are some simple ways you can make your money fight for what you believe in. 

The C Word

I’m talking about Cancer. Nobody wants to think about cancer. And everyone prays they never get it. And if you’re about to stop reading because I’ve mentioned it...


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