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Spiral Accelerates Growth and Market Expansion Through New Financial Wellness Solutions

By Team Spiral|May 30, 2024
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At Spiral, we're always pushing the limits to bring innovative banking solutions to the forefront. Our new financial wellness and personalized banking products, including the highly-requested Round Up for Savings banking feature, are rapidly gaining traction among leading banks and credit unions nationwide. These groundbreaking products not only help individuals and businesses save effortlessly for their future but also allow them to support charitable causes of their choice, aligning perfectly with our mission to help people drive positive impact.

Empowering Financial Insitutions

“Thousands of financial institutions seek ways to innovate and win the battle to attract new and more engaged, younger account holders. Round Up for Savings is a powerful tool that drives deep engagement and enables them to achieve these goals seamlessly,” said Jim Vasquezi, Chief Revenue Officer of Spiral. “Many financial institutions have selected Spiral and this feature to differentiate, grow deposits, and attract new account holders all while helping account holders save for whatever is important to them,” he added.


Spiral's Everyday Impact™ With Round Up for Savings

How It Works

With Round Up for Savings, every purchase becomes an opportunity to contribute to your financial future and the world around you. The feature allows banking customers to round up their transactions to the nearest dollar, automatically depositing the spare change into their savings accounts. But what sets Spiral apart is the ability for customers to split their round-ups, donating a portion to a charity or causes of their choice. This unique approach makes it simple for people to support vetted charitable organizations they care about, all while growing their savings.

Improving Lives and Communities

“At Spiral, our mission is to help people build a better life for themselves and help their community,” says Shawn Melamed, CEO and Co-founder of Spiral. “People love products that fuse financial well-being with community impact. They allow individuals to create habits of saving for their future while helping others and feeling like a hero every day,” he added. “By making it easy to save and give back, we’re helping financial institutions enhance engagement, grow deposits, and attract new account holders while fostering a culture of financial wellness and generosity.”

Seamless Integration

Spiral’s suite of financial wellness and personalized banking solutions, including Everyday Impact™ with the Round Up for Savings feature, integrates effortlessly with existing digital banking platforms. This seamless integration offers a unique value proposition that drives banking engagement and growth while helping financial institutions increase their high-quality deposits.

Win With Financial Wellness and Impact

As we continue to innovate and expand our offerings, we invite financial institutions that are looking to differentiate and achieve their business goals to add new and exciting digital experiences that people love and want. By making saving and giving back a seamless part of everyday life, you can empower individuals to build a better future for themselves and their communities. Financial institutions looking to add the Round Up for Savings feature and other innovative solutions from Spiral can schedule a demo here.

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We make it simple for banks and financial institutions to drive positive change, amplify their community impact, and empower millions of customers to contribute to a better world. Stay ahead of the curve, discover how impact can drive engagement and profits, and get ready to rethink finance.

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