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Spiral is the award-winning Impact-as-a-Service™ platform that helps you increase revenue and engagement through community and environmental impact.

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Financial institutions share the same problems

Acquisition is tough.

Acquisition is tough.

Getting new customers at scale is getting more challenging (and expensive)

Retention is difficult.

Retention is difficult.

More and more customers churn due to the rise of new fintech and banking apps

It’s hard to stand out.

It’s hard to stand out.

Financial platforms compete with the same marketing tactics, products and business offerings

The next generation of financial services

With Spiral, companies can increase revenue through higher engagement and increased spending with their products, and allow customers to feel good every day by connecting closer to their impact.

Impact giving stats
Impact giving stats
Why Spiral?

The easiest way to offer powerful impact features

Giving charity summary
Be an everyday hero

Be an everyday hero

Make your customers feel good every day by letting them support causes they care about effortlessly.



We simplify compliance, nonprofit operations, and technical integrations so you can build, launch and grow faster.

Flexible and customizable

Flexible and customizable

We offer unique features and terms that work for your customers and your business.

Instant impact summary in app

“It makes me want to spend more every day just to feel good by helping others.”

five star review
Impact on KPIs

Environmental and social impact that drives KPIs

Impact KPI benefits
Impact KPI
Our Solutions

Reimagine your product with impact-driven solutions

Empower your customers by offering socially responsible debit cards, credit cards, accounts and payments products.

Add Impact to Your Cards

Increase revenue through higher engagement and increased spending with your cards.

colorful debit and credit cards

Everyday Impact™

Let your customers plant trees and provide clean water, meals, and safe shelter when they purchase.

giving categories

Round-up Impact

Let your customers round up transactions to easily support their community and causes they care about.

Round up for charity
Search for nonprofits in app

Giving Center

Increase customer loyalty and retention as your customers easily donate and manage their giving from your product.

viewing impact in app

Giving Accounts

Offer high-yield Giving Accounts and donor-advised funds that can grow tax-free.


Financial features with a heart designed for your audience

Consumer Banking

Business Banking

Community Banks

Credit Unions

Payment Solutions

Core Processors


Corporate Cards

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Engagement on phone
Impact Stories

Engage with content your customers value

  • Use Impact Stories we’ve curated for you to easily create content for cause awareness days and holidays
  • Drive higher engagement with impact-driven emails, push notifications, and in-app widgets
  • Get high conversion and decrease CAC using cause marketing
impact on phone
Your Impact

Show your community impact in real-time

  • Demonstrate your impact on your app and website
  • Increase your ESG score
  • Create loyalty programs, and reward customers for making an impact
  • Easily donate through your Business Giving Account

People LOVE Spiral

  • dogood0316

    five star review

    Awesome App - Easy to Donate

    I’m a giver who donates when something inspires me. That leaves me with donations out of multiple accounts and poor record keeping. With the Spiral app, I search for my charity, donate and within seconds my donation is on it’s way. This provides me the ability to keep all of my donations in one place. Wonderful, simplistic and easy to use. Love it!

  • Elnara V

    five star review

    Proud to be a part of Spiral

    As someone who worked for a major financial institution for a decade, it is nice to be a part of a new bank that cares about its consumers and has created such a positive way to do banking and creating a community of givers. What an extremely kind establishment, so glad I joined.

  • GraphicLena

    five star review

    Love the concept

    Love this bank’s concept. The app is really easy to use and makes it easy to see all my transactions as well as donate to any charity. Going to use it to track my side business’ expenses and donations, so I can easily file taxes next year.

  • Migs_NYC

    five star review

    Banking with a purpose

    We all have a bank account because we have to, but other than stashing money or getting a direct deposit the service is purely and only link to us. Nothing beyond that, this banking up has exactly all the benefits of a regular bank with the only difference that you are actually contributing to your community. I love it!

  • njGuy68

    five star review

    Just brilliant

    This all concept of banking is beautiful and futuristic (hope our future is going to be that positive) the idea of matching donations is amazing, and this app is so easy to use easy on the eyes, future of banking is so much better then the old one..

  • KclairS

    five star review

    Big yes!

    Super easy to use this app to track all expenses and donations. Links easily to other accounts and just very intuitive. You don’t need to have donations coming out of a million accounts or set reminders for yourself anymore. This app does it all for me. Very happy!

  • alisha nyc

    five star review

    Love the user experience!

    Super cool banking app. Love that they’ve made it so easy to donate to great causes. Also love the inspirational quotes at the bottom of the main page. Thoughtful and intentional!

  • iva1999

    five star review

    Banking online that makes you feels good

    If you haven’t tried this app, you are missing out. Its easy to navigate, do everything you your regular banks does and contribute and donate to a bigger better cause. Safe, secure and reliable. You must check it out!!

  • StephRepyCow

    five star review

    Amazing App concept

    Very easy to use, great interface that makes you even more happy to make some donations and to contribute to any cause that is dear to you! Bravo, keep going, we need people like you, who are rethinking the banking industry to make it more generous and sustainable…

  • carolinec212121

    five star review

    Spiral is great!

    I am loving my Spiral account! The app is straightforward and easy to use. Having access to banking AND giving features in one app is amazing. Excited to keep using Spiral!

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